What are the Aims of TheClubuk.

Well really, I cannot truly say, as the purpose of forming this Club is to be a place where anyone in this Country can join and submit their ideas and suggestions on what changes they would like to see in the Political Future. It will be their wishes that will be discussed, debated and eventually pooled to create a guide to what the future of this Country should look like with regards to being run and having the Best Interests of the Population as a Prime Condition for Governing.

We must not only say goodbye to the existing system, so open to abuse by those in charge, but get rid of it.

We can only do this if we achieve the power of the people as an organisation to enable us to win office where we will empower the wishes of the people as they have stated in the newly created planned system of governance. So, it is not for me and me alone to say at this stage -as it would be impossible -purely because what will be -will be decided by the British People and rightly so. For far too long British Peoples opinion only counts when they vote for whoever has misleadingly enticed people to vote for them, who have every intention of ripping up their promises as soon as an election result is announced.

No! no longer will the British People count at the minute of putting an X in the box and with instantly being discarded immediately after so that the Politicians (all of them) can continue knowing they have succeeded in maintaining the next period of Rich Living and feeding on gravy trains at the very expense of the people. Yes, the public now instantly revert to being the tax payers, as of course the Wealthy are supported in every way possible In finding ways not to pay their share of any Tax Burden or in running the country.

 A brief generalisation at this stage. Currently the British govt have, and are continuing to instil and carry out many differing control measures, that threaten, intentionally, our very freedom, in many ways, that will curtail what we as a Nation -held for many a year. We will of course fight to and ensure we revoke all measures that this govt, have imposed on us since the start of this Pandemic – which in fact, many people around the world I, including Medical and Learned people – believe is nothing short of a scam – a very dangerous scam and manipulation of the whole world’s population to obtain complete control as part of something larger -down the road.  Suffice to say that we will undo as many of these wrongs as possible as soon as the opportunity presents itself.  At the same time that we will work with others, to ensure that we bring back or create a New Nuremberg Trial System that will act on whatever comes to light in the future. This has already been shown to of had substance given an initial report by members of their own Party which is already damning in its content. We will of course or at least assist anyone in the world bringing named perpetrators of this terrible deed, when proven as such, to justice from all corners of the world.

The Politicians have indeed possibly acted criminally in some of the actions they have taken with regard to vast sums of money from our Treasury – they will answer. The chancellor is hell bent on screwing the working and less well off even further – even to a point of destitution and seems very content in doing so.

He continues to favour adapting the system in favour of the wealthy and detriment of the less well off even with his Tax policies.

He has slammed Pensioners who are on the lowest pension in Europe and have contributed to building and keeping this county running and functioning for decades. They, as per their normal dishonesty as they always believed that they would never be liable to pay the triple lock on such a high figure as that caused by the pandemic and so true to form have scrapped that which would given others a small respite. It will be restored and possibly backdated to re imburse those who were deliberately ripped off.

Energy. True to form this and previous govts have deliberately over the years dismantled and removed much of our storage facilities for all commodities. We need to restore. They have also dismantled our energy supply’s ability, which we must look at and restore, above our own needs of our country and not rely on others and be wary of blackmail. Makes one wonder – who has been paid so much over the years to give away so much – just like our manufacturing ability which – in many fields was some of the best in the world = and still capable of getting back there with right attitude and drive. We have the skills.

However, I will indicate below some, but not in any depth (this will be left to the people, who will have their ideas and views on what and how to change, improve, operate and run, every sector, division department, organisation and Ministry -in the Country or Overseas where they are a British Responsibility.

There are of course the usual things that seriously need major revamps and of course this will mean much additional financial requirements to ensure a new working and successful depart is formed. However as with most Departments there are savings also to be made. Of course, I do not mean anything like slash and burn methods. No get rid of waste and gross inefficiency for a start. I do not mean to imply that all the personnel in those depts are wasteful – far from it. The fact they are operating in such archaic environments and often very poor steadfast poor management parameters – there will be great scope to redesign and gain. We must ensure that all people are appreciated for what they do -at all levels. We must get rid of the syndrome that Senior Management believe that all workers are beneath them. If they will not take these changes on board – then they can resign. We will just retire them on oodles of money and fat pension pot. Those days have to go.  If they are not fit for the job they can just resign. This will apply across all Govt Depts or where Civil Servants are involved.

In this of course we will include things like Police, Fire, Customs, Ambulance, Coast Guard, Prisons and any other elements that provide services to this country. Now initially I must say that virtually all such elements are obviously extremely short of manpower – which we will address as quickly as possible, along with more improved and enhanced equipment.

Then we have our Armed Forces. Never in history have we been so decimated in numbers than what -mostly Tories have done. Yes, they appear to be allocating more funding at present but that is false as it is to try and catch up with previous mistakes and develop Modern requirements such as Cyber Space and futuristic developments. But this will mean that the Armed Forces will be required to play an even bigger role in Security etc = all of which is apt to deplete even further their funding. So, a major – proper review must be held, yes adapted to the future requirements we need to keep up to date and maintain playing a major worldwide role as we used to do. This is just a basic paragraph on this subject as I, indeed, am not qualified to discuss, what will be by relevant people using their skills. Of course, I visualise a growth requirement in Manpower and Equipment in the future, but we must reign in the MOD -who have contractually been one of the most wasteful regarding value for money that has existed since the WW11. Must change.

Local Authorities have for years been a very expensive operation indeed and waste £billions every year – often again by poor management and achieving poor value for their operations. They need a major rethink and design for the future. They have reduced far too many staff to contract out at excessively high cost, often incurring penalties at punitive cost. Many of the things may be better brought back into the organisation but with a better management system where they achieve value for money. There will of course require a major rethink of everything regarding Local Authorities but it must be noticed that many old working practices will need to change and operate more in line of Private sector. Local Govt have been known for years as being the worse organisation using false accounting -next to the govt. We are not looking to save and take back £millions but ensure that it is used wisely and accountable value for money.

NHS is a subject that I will not touch on at this time as we all - everyone of us has our opinions of what may be wrong, what is not happening and what needs to happen. Suffice to say that it must be here to stay. But to ensure that we need a complete structural change and that will start with the extremely bad management that does exist in many areas of NHS. They may need more funding but we must certainly stop the gross inefficient waste which exists today. We have one of the best health workforces in the world with most personnel deserving very high respect – but once again the current and past govts have basically shit on most of them - just like any element of Govt employees – if you pardon my expression. So, a great deal of work there.

Taxation, Pensions will all need major reviews that will benefit all -equally. No longer can we allow he wealthy to benefit more at the cost of the worse off.

DWP of course is basically a nightmare and has been deliberately made to be so. We will strip it all down and redesign. The very Universal Credit is known not to work efficiently, and many, under their breath, will admit it as being another very expensive red herring which needs someone to get to grips with it. However, I must also say that it is my belief that everyone, unless really badly disabled or have major recognised health issues – must contribute to their incomes. Even if we bring back things like voluntary Services, Litter collections etc. etc. -it must happen. All and everyone must contribute to this country if they are to expect improved living conditions People must be given a choice or options but they must contribute – obviously enhance, life style and quality of life.  Even if rural part employment etc then transportation to and from collection points as with Crop picking must be provided. They will not be slaves and slave driven, but if they do not do the job sufficiently, they will jeopardise State income. We will have no room for shirkers. No longer will those born with silver spoons in their mouths be able to say that it is they who support all the shirkers. But the monitoring system must be true and fair – no little Hitlers demanding forced labour.

 There are so many other elements that we have to look at but far too many to list here. You are all aware that we are rapidly getting into dire straights in this country and we need to do so much. I trust that many of your -with so many different and important skill sets -can and will contribute your beliefs and wishes. We all have visions but there is so much to list. We must get past the start point and plough on to sort this out. We need volunteers at first to form a team that can co-ordinate this what will be to many of us – a great adventure with a will to prove that no longer will we put up with the gross inequalities of the classes.

 Join us and be part of greater things. You can tell and explain what and how you contributed to bring this Great Nation back once again to a Truly Great Nation. Stay safe all but please share, start thinking and planning but first of all join us as a Member, to start this future great Party off. We ill replace the old and very out of date Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems. Yes, there will be other New Party’s. But we welcome them. We cannot have true democracy without opposition - which has now almost disappeared in this country being replaced by Dictatorship.