Welcome to

Firstly, may I make a statement that we are not a Political Party, yet, but it will be our intention to become one.

The main reason for not going for being a Political Party, is because we will not attempt to do this until, via the Membership, we undertake a timely period of consultation to formulate our ideas, principles and indeed a fully fledged Manifesto that has been agreed by the Membership.

 TheClubUK will need to create a team to enable a nationwide organisation that is open to everyone over the age of 16yrs of age.

 Invitations are open for people to apply for the various positions, that have to exist to form a Committee and Team to organise this Club on a Nationwide basis.

This Team will collate all the opinions, views, wishes and visions of a New Political System – that are provided by the Membership.

We will form a Committee, Our Identity, Form Set of Rules, Create a Constitution, and eventually a Manifesto based on the inputs given.

So, we cannot be ready to form a Party until the Members have finalised what we will be, as a Party of the future.

I invite anyone to apply to go on the initial formulation, of this new Team.

 Please contact me via our email:- with your requests, information, views, visions and/ or wishes. At this time, only I have access to these emails until we form a Team and Committee.

Now at this time, I must say I will not be and do not intend to be the leader, and we will -as a Club, choose a leader, later, as we progress towards formation of a Party.

The Country is full of very talented, skilled intelligent people suitable for the leadership roles.

Everyone is invited to join – even if you are currently members of other parties – because we are not yet a Party. My initial intention is that we should be Centralist without any leaning, Left or Right.

We can all see what current issues are existing due to various leanings, so aiming to redesign Politics of the Future, I believe we must remain Neutral and equal for all.

As a new party we must go back to some of the old acceptable ethics that worked, and change to improve ones that are not working.

We must believe in our people and consider them in all deliberations.

We must appreciate, that the majority of British Citizens contribute to the workings of this great country most of their working lives, and indeed in many various ways  - after retirement.

In return we must reappraise the way in which we as a Country respect and appreciate all the hard work, contributions and sacrifices, that they have made during their lifetime, so therefore we must ensure that all feel an Important part of the structure of this Country.

So, they must be invited to contribute their ideas, their wishes, their views and indeed their visions of the future of this country. Everyone in this country has a belief and vision of what they feel would be a happy living environment, that gave people satisfaction with their living conditions and lifestyle.

We must ensure that everyone realises that every suggestion and idea will be looked at and considered as the long short list of final ideas are selected by the Members.

Back to basics must mean that everyone has the same rights to be, part of this new system. The new system must be formed to recreate trust and openness amongst all.

We must ensure that we go back to a Democratic Party where everyone is important and we are not ruled by elite groups. That cannot be democratic way to run a country and we certainly need to ensure our country is a bonded and shared country not one with multitudes of divisions in it. We bare being steered towards a Dictatorship in this country which cannot be allowed. Already the wealthy are becoming Wealthier and the Poor are certainly becoming Poorer everyday due to the continuing austerity measures being taken against the worse off in the country.

 We have to truly rebalance and redress this country as a whole, including so many elements which perhaps I will expand on – with a separate page -Ambitions.

The 2 main existing parties have both become very similar in their outlook which is to continue to deepen the crisis of a wider divide of the haves and Have nots along with lowering of all living conditions due to enhanced austerity which hurts the lower paid - most.

We can and will win if we stand and grow together. We desperately want all those who never voted in the past – to join us and make sure you vote in the future. Because you are vital - alongside those who do vote. The major parties often rely on poor voter turnout, as they know, they then, have more chance of winning, because just their regular die- hard voters will vote for them. This has to change and even now most voters, from either side can see that they dd not get, nor will ever get, what they voted for.

 We need to overcome voter apathy and what better way than to invite them to become part of this Club that we will build and where they know that they as individuals will certainly count.

This is just an initial text. As people join us hopefully there will be plenty of people capable of writing a lot better and more professional presentation, as it is not my skill. However, someone has to start the ball rolling to where we can rapidly improve the professionalism of our whole Club – as we progress towards a New Style Party built by and on the People of the UK -for the UK. No more waffle and false promises by the existing -all of whom need exiting from Politics.

Later, of course we will recruit from within all the Politicians we need -but ones that will do as our manifesto, that we design between us – or be removed from post.

 I will put some expanded information on what we possibly need to redesign and reform as an initial list but of course the whole idea of this club is that the Members will plot the course we take. All I can ask is your courage to join us and help us aim for a major political shakeup of what obviously, is no longer fit for the people of this country.  We also ask you to help spread the word and help recruit as many members as possible. It will be a uphill fight but we have always had a Bulldog Spirit in this country and we need to re-find our British Guts and Determination, to take on, and oust these existing showers who continue to degrade and abuse the British People especially now, that currently they have such a majority. This we can change -as a United Free Nation and become Great again. Someone has to do it so why not us.

We have no funding but will create a GoFundMe page to try and raise some funds. We will rely on membership fees and have deliberately set them far lower that many of the existing parties - who actually get funded an absolute fortune, without their wealthy donors. So please join us where you could be part of something very big. Early days, but acorns grow into enormous Oak Trees.  

Another point is that we will not advocate disruptive protests of any kind. We will have the sense and ability to build our Club correctly.

You will see that our initial emblem is formed from the 4-country flags and our union Flag. To show we are all in this together - as one country and one people.